A group of dedicated volunteers – all retired teachers with a record number of years in the teaching profession – give of their time and expertise Monday through Thursday. The experience for them is one in which they say they are receiving much more than they are giving.

"Because we come to Holy Cross Family Learning Center we have learned the days of the week, months, tell time, the alphabet, telephone number, address, Social Security Number and computer skills." - Nangsal, Hari, Bachaspati, Tika, Hanaa, Nar, Students

"I learned many things from my English and computer classes at Holy Cross Family Learning Center. Now I can speak, read, and write better English. I'm happy in computer class also. I like typing, games, and words. I thank you all my good teachers." - Nanda, Student

"I have had the pleasure of working at HCFLC for many years with advanced students. It has been most rewarding for me as a teacher to advance these students of different cultures to understand and speak and comprehend English. Their genuine appreciation of my efforts makes me happy to there for them." - Sr. Anne, Teacher 

"I feel very fortunate to be employed as an interpreter and ESL teacher at Holy Cross Family Learning Center. I believe everyone-the Sisters of Holy Cross and all the volunteer teachers­ appreciates my way of working with and dealing with the adult students. I have had many opportunities to be involved with different groups and to express my opinions, feelings, and insights about "my people': I am greatly helped by Sister Jacqueline and equally by Sister Diane in so many ways!" - Priscilla, Teacher