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The Holy Cross Family Learning Center has helped me build my English reading and writing skills. The program changed my life a lot, I have been living in the united States for 8 years and this program has been the most helpful. I can read my own mail letters, I can talk on the phone and understand very well. I plan on learning more from the program.

-Zahra, Sudan

Last September I started my classes in English at HCFLC, for me it has been a very good experience since I had never been able to socialize with people from the cultures of my classmates and I have been able to learn a little from them, I am also happy because the classes have an approach to the needs of my daily life and that has helped me a lot to be able to function better in every need that I have every day.

I am very grateful that they have accepted me in the classes and that the teachers are very kind and always willing to help us to learn better English and I feel that every day that I take the classes I learn more about different cultures and much more English.

-Alejandra, Colombia

I am from Brazil, but I am an American citizen who moved to the US seven years ago. All this time I have been studying English, so that I can actually practice my citizenship, like interacting with the community, voting, working, volunteering, etc. Today, I can do all of that, because of the ESL Classes I have been taking. I want to go further and maybe go back to my profession. I worked my whole life as a journalist before moving to the US, and I really want to do it again. But I and many other adults from other countries cannot achieve our dreams without proficiency in English. And these schools are the "bridges" that connect us to our dreams. So, I am extremely thankful to the school and everybody that has been helping me all these years.

-Tereza, Brazil

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